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GxB Sierra Lake Caliraya

"Where Art and Architecture Meet Adventure!"

  • 22 hr
  • 3,999 Philippine pesos

Service Description

The GLAMPINGxBLOC ExoTent is THE center of attraction. It stands out among the others and it is our most premium accommodation. It combines the best of the indoors and the outdoors. Inside, you'll enjoy the sexy and bouncy bed complete with soft and smooth linen, bed sheet, blanket, and comforter. A furry carpet or rug will meet your feet as you step out of the bed. At the head is a console table while at the side are couple chairs and a folding table. At both sides are ottoman box tables with storage space. There's a relaxing lounging chair also inside. Atop the tent are low energy consuming but bright LED lights. Although it's already cold up there, there's a stand box fan at the corner to circulate the natural ventilation coming passively thru the screened door access and windows. You'll also find there the owner's fire-grill collection; both are for display only. Furniture inside should not be taken out but only to be enjoyed inside. Outside, there's a rigid steel garden table at the center matched with 2 geometrically designed modernist chairs. It is lit on top by a cable-suspended array of LED lights that is so picturesque especially at night. An ice cooler stand bag that also serve as an auxiliary table can be found at the side. A pair of camping chairs is juxtaposed at each center module. And the most relaxing feature is the suspended hammock at the end of the wood planks-clad al fresco deck. To fuse them all, it's truly where Art and Architecture meet Adventure!

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